CADLAG is a noise/drone project by members of PureH, Dodecahedragraph, Extreme Smoke 57, TGWFYTD, and Earslaughter. Sharing the influences of grindcore, experimental electronic music, hardcore, ambient, drone, and cinematic music, their audio-visual expression is characterized by careful sonic layering, ranging from minimal ambient passages to the most extreme sonic splatters and conglomerates of the sonic instrumentarium. Their massive sonic structures are visually complemented with TV static and VHS textures.

A space born in sound and a sound born in space. An interweaving of aural and visual architectures by inspecting and challenging versatile sonic form(ul)ations.

A review of their “Votivkirche” album states: “Votivkirche is easily the best album combining noise and drone I’ve ever heard. A cult-like potential born in a Catholic cathedral… That’s a bit like filling a room full of rising sound while creating a feeling of perpetual descent.”

And about their latest release: “… simply masters of incorporating density and sparseness in their unique journeys. ‘Plus’ is another journey, perhaps a tad more terrifying and paranoid than its predecessor. Nevertheless, it most definitely leaves listeners not feeling the same as they had the moment they clicked ‘Play’.”

CADLAG is currently and rightfully one of the most refreshing and mesmerizing contemporary projects (sprouted on Slovenian soil) in the noise and drone spheres of sonic output. The four members, with their rich backgrounds, all of them from different locations, join together in and form the live unit, merging genres and influences into a unique audio-visual experience, thus managing to deliver one of the most unyielding “real-time sound installation” performances, evoking and bringing forth both an elevating and deeply grounded presence of sonic dexterity and force.