Available on tape, VHS and 5″ tape reel, “Cadlag Live Tape” is the second album by Cadlag which is released after a three track album available digitally and several compilation tracks. Recorded live, as the title states, in 2013 at Ljubljana Noise Festival and at the Trbovlje New Media Festival, “Cadlag Live Tape” brings to the lovers of industrial noise, two intense performances. Formed by members of PureH, Dodecahedragraph, TGWFYTD, Extreme Smoke 57 and Earslaughter, Cadlag on the seventeen minutes of “Infundibulum” composed a suite that starts with ambient drones just to reach its climax after the fifth minute. Here we have a mix of controlled feedbacks, electronic noises and hisses. Just when you thought the noise was at the maximum, Cadlag rise the level adding more drones and noises with treated guitar sounds. At this point we have a sort of magma which almost reaches the pink noise level. At minute 12, the effect disappears like fog and leaves a pulsating noisy drone with small distant noises that come and go. This is the part I prefer as there’s a lot going on between the apparent calm. The track get noisier again just to end soon after. “Speculum” is the second track and it starts like a sort of early Lustmord tune: tense and menacing but kinda calm. This state ends soon as after three minutes Cadlag open the gates of hell by adding noisy drones. The effect isn’t much cacophonic as on the previous track, probably because of the frequencies used. Based always on live manipulations and noise eruptions, “Speculum” seems a dying snake which rattles with spasms. This is stuff to be handled with care. You can check the tracks here http://cadlag.bandcamp.com/ and you can watch the performances on the Cadlag’s Youtube channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/cadlagTV


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