This is very intense! CADLAG is Slovenian-based quartet featuring members of projects such as Earslaughter, PureH, Extreme Smoke 57 and Dodecahedragraph. Judged by the aforementioned names, you might have a clue of what to expect on this 40 minutes running album titled “Cadlag Live Tape”. The quartet takes its starting point in electronic manipulations of sound. From analogue to digital expression Cadlag creates thick drones of harsh noise crushing every bit of silence in the room where the album is launched. The album delivers two lengthy pieces that has both been recorded live. First piece titled “Infundibulum” is a live performance recorded in April 2013 at the Noise Festival of Ljubljana. Second piece was captured at the New Media Festival in October 2013 in Trbovlje and carries the title “Speculum”. Both pieces works excellent as they are being transmitted from audio medias such as cassette and tape reels, but as Cadlag puts a strong effort in the visually of their live performance the band has also released the work on a VHS Cassette. As said: Very intense expression thanks to the massive overdriven walls of sound.


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