Compilation by Unexplained Sounds Group featuring Cadlag tracks “θ(x,µ0)(L)=inf{t-0X.(x,µ0),L t” and “+
+ other home collaborative projects from Pharmafabrik Recordings: PureH, Ontervjabbit and KSVLKSV.

Cadlag’s opening track “θ(x,µ0)(L)=inf{t-0X.(x,µ0),L t” (good luck requesting that at a radio station) is fuzzed, filled, and immersive. In the wrong mindset, one might feel that this and other tracks reflect the horrible buzzing inanity of news and politically-produced anxiety, all building up in the head and demanding trepanning. But in the right mindset, one feels liberated, as the listener controls the volume and can use it to drown out everything else, including one’s own thoughts (and no messy cleanup for the relatives). A multi-band act, Cadlag is a perfect choice to provide the overture. – Review in A Closer Listen

Cadlag’s mathematically-inclined title for their piece (a way of avoiding having to write it all out again) is a slab of jet-engine doom-ambient noise, simultaneously stifling and suffocating and yet strangely uplifting. It’s as good an introduction as any as to the overall tone of this anthology, and sets the scene for what follows. – Review in Santa Sangre

I first of all have to mention the opener of this work by Cadlag, which is featured with an exceptional cut. It’s an overwhelming track that moves crescendo reaching its ultimate point after more than 10 minutes of apocalyptic terror. There are more great cuts featured, but all fall behind the Cadlag cut. Among the bonus cuts of the digital edit I also recommend the extra cut by Cadlag and the obscure piece by KSVLKSV. Review In Side-Line Magazine


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