The experimental-electronic collective Cadlag has just released a new album, INTEGRAL. Known for their distinctive manipulation of sound, the group combines minimal ambient sequences with extreme sonic layers, creating a blend of noise, electronic, and drone music.

Recorded in the abandoned underground industrial complex of the RTH coal mine in Trbovlje (Slovenia), INTEGRAL was produced entirely using analog methods. This includes mixing on an analog mixer, recording and mastering on tape, and releasing the album on both cassette and 5″ reel tape.

The album is available through various formats and platforms. Next to a cassette and 5″ reel tape, you can also get the album in a digital 24-bit format. Physical copies can be acquired via Pharmafabrik Recordings.

You can order the album on Bandcamp:

• Live A/V performance at Vašhava RTH Trbovlje.
• De-constructed, performed and recorded by Cadlag.

• Concept/ Artwork/ Audio-video edit/ Mastering: Simon Šerc.
• Performance recorded on cassette tape: Neven Agalma.
• Camera: Martina Testen.

• Label: Pharmafabrik Recordings.
• Catalog: PFCD040, NF2102.
• Format: Audio Cassette, Tape Reel 5″.

Video teaser for the release:


Terra Relicta

The Letter



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